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Creating D&D Homebrew and Supplements. The Magical Oddity Maker!

The ‘Blessed’ D4’s

  • All Previous Tier Rewards!
  • Access to the full One-sided Layout Cards.
    • Infinite Scroll starting at4 x 8. (Base Size)
    • This format is intended for digital use.
  • Access to Monthly Collections: One-Sided.
  • My continued Gratitude, and Good Karma Vibes.

The ‘Sneaks’ D6’s

  • All Previous Tier Rewards!
  • Access to the full Two-Sided Layout Cards.
    • Intended for 3.5 x 5.75 home printing.
    • Art and Info on opposing sides.
    • Reformat is optimized for printed & table use.
  • And more!

The ‘Smiters’ D8’s

  • All Previous Tier Rewards!
  • Monthly Rough Sketch Preview.
  • Item Creation & Voting: 3 Items Monthly.
  • On The Way: Discord Exclusive Channels.
  • My Eternal Gratitude!

The ‘Versatile’ D10’s

  •  All Previous Tier Rewards!
  • Not current additional rewards, yet.

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