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I am Dungeon Scribe, a maker of Magical Items and Oddities. Specializing in fully-illustrated items with quick reference icons, all designed for multiple tiered expansive varieties of play. Grow your table’s arsenal, dole out new items with ease, and empower both players and NPCs in bold new ways.

Each card comes in two distinct formats, Digital (Infinite Scroll) and Printable (Two-Sided) to suite your needs.

These homebrew items have continued to grow into a collection of over +450 Items and 5 Printed Decks (250 Items) to date. If you want to follow along with the creation process, I share FREE items weekly to InstagramTwitter, or swing in to chat on Discord.

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Creating D&D Homebrew and Supplements. The Magical Oddity Maker!

The ‘Blessed’ D4’s

  • All Previous Tier Rewards!
  • Access to the full One-sided Layout Cards.
    • Infinite Scroll starting at4 x 8. (Base Size)
    • This format is intended for digital use.
  • Access to Monthly Collections: One-Sided.
  • My continued Gratitude, and Good Karma Vibes.

The ‘Sneaks’ D6’s

  • All Previous Tier Rewards!
  • Access to the full Two-Sided Layout Cards.
    • Intended for 3.5 x 5.75 home printing.
    • Art and Info on opposing sides.
    • Reformat is optimized for printed & table use.
  • And more!

The ‘Smiters’ D8’s

  • All Previous Tier Rewards!
  • Monthly Rough Sketch Preview.
  • Item Creation & Voting: 3 Items Monthly.
  • On The Way: Discord Exclusive Channels.
  • My Eternal Gratitude!

The ‘Versatile’ D10’s

  •  All Previous Tier Rewards!
  • Not current additional rewards, yet.

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